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Advertising Guideline

By Placing Listing With Biz4Less.com You Agree to the following guideline.

1. Listing your business for sale can only be placed by the account holder.

2. We inactivate any listings that have not been updated within 3 months.

3. We only accept ongoing businesses for sale with or without real estate. New businesses or start-ups, new franchises or opportunities, or commercial real estate only listings and other may advertise utilizing paid banner and resource advertising.

4. Listing should have a complete descriptions, images, sale price, category and more to get a better response from buyers.

5. NO monetary refunds or credits for advertising once a listing has been placed on Biz4Less.com

We reserve the right to edit or delete any listing in our Ad Review Process that does not conform to our advertising policy or general standards of company policy. Any advertiser not complying with this policy may be removed from the  Biz4Less.com system.

Advertising Accounts:

Ads, membership accounts is provided by Biz4Less “As Is”. All ad membership accounts, listings, descriptions and information are subject to  Biz4Less.com.  Biz4Less reserves the right to reject, cancel or remove any advertisement listings and accounts at any time for any reason whatsoever, especially if the accounts are unpaid or are in violation of Biz4Less guidelines.

Biz4Less in no way is responsible for the accuracy of the information in ad listings. You are responsible for the information posted on Biz4Less and you are responsible for monitoring and managing your own advertisement account and listings. You agree not to submit any descriptions, contact information or other information contained in the advertisement listing or in the payment transaction that does not belong to you including any trademarks and copyrights or proprietary information.

If you are a representative or an agent, you agree that you have received necessary permission and authorization from the person or the business entity who has authorized you to list their ad listing and/or to make a payment for their ad listing on their behalf. You also agree that all information provided to Biz4Less or posted on Biz4Less is accurate and is in no way misleading or is a misrepresentation and you must assume full responsibility to monitor and update this information.

Biz4Less reserves the right to accept or reject any ad listing or membership accounts and listings without any specific explanation.

Advertisement Information:

Biz4Less reserves the right to modify, change, reject, delete, or update any advertisement account or listing or the information provided. Biz4Less may distribute the information and content in the ad listing or post ad listings on other websites, including but not limited to, affiliate and partner websites. Biz4Less reserves unrestricted right to use, publish and reproduce the information in your ad listing, and the Biz4Less is not responsible for any and all damages, claims, liabilities, actions, judgments and other matters whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from the information published on Biz4Less.

Any users and visitors to Biz4Less may use the contact form or the email link in your advertisement listing to contact you in order to request for additional information regarding your ad listing. Biz4Less does not monitor such emails or the legitimacy of any emails forwarded or the information within the emails as all contact emails and leads generated from your ad listings are forwarded directly to your email address.

You agree that Biz4Less is not responsible for any emails or the content within those emails, if you find them to be unrelated to your ad listing or those you may consider as unsolicited emails or spam. Once you have requested Biz4Less to remove your ad listing, While Biz4Less will try to remove your data as soon as possible and in a timely manner once it has been requested to be removed by deleting the ad from the database or after you have received a confirmation from Biz4Less with regards to the receipt of your request or once your advertisement or the membership expires.

Biz4Less does not guarantee the time frame for removal of listings and the data, and Biz4Less is not responsible for any errors or delays because of network issues, emails that were not relayed regarding your request or issues related to human error. Biz4Less is often visited by external search engines and the pages of Biz4Less and underlying information is gathered by the external search engines routinely to serve the information in their search results.

Biz4Less is not responsible for any data related to ad listing and membership information that may appear on other external websites including search page results of other external search engines, during the time the advertisement is listed on Biz4Less or after the listing and the related data has been removed by Biz4Less. Biz4Less has no control over when your data may be removed from external search engine pages since Biz4Less has no control over, or access to, the external search engines.

Advertising Fees and Cancellation Policies:

The ad listing fee schedule and subscription terms will be provided to you during the ad listing submission process and Biz4Less reserves the right to increase prices for any of its listing services, membership services, or other products at any time with or without notice. You agree that any payment made towards advertising and listing services is not a promise or a guarantee by Biz4Less of the results and the results may vary based on the type of ad listing, service, business, location and other related factors.

You represent that you are the owner of the credit card or a debit card, a bank account, and PayPal you are using to pay for the ad listing or that you have been authorized by the owner of the credit card, PayPal or a debit card or the bank account holder to pay for the advertisement listing you are posting on Biz4Less. You agree that once you list your ad and pay for the subscription by a credit card, a debit card, PayPal or by a echeck, the subscription will continue each month (30 days) and that Biz4Less is authorized to charge your credit card or a debit card or a PayPal to bill you each month until the subscription is cancelled by calling the telephone number provided to you during the listing process or by deleting your ad listing or membership account from our website.

Any monthly payment or subscription services must be cancelled prior to the upcoming billing date, by calling the phone number provided during the payment transaction and the phone number that appears in your credit card or a debit card statement, next to your transaction. Since e-mail services are not reliable, Biz4Less does not recommend and nor is responsible for transactions cancelled by email and we recommend that You request an email response from Biz4Less or call Biz4Less by phone in order to confirm the cancellation your listing. You agree that the ad fees paid towards any and all ads and memberships are non-refundable, regardless of whether the advertising contract, the membership or the subscription is terminated by either party for any reason whatsoever and prior to the end of the month or prior to the upcoming billing date. Partial month refunds will Not be provided under any circumstances for transactions cancelled once the subscription period starts. Declined credit card or a debit card authorizations, retracted payments or bad payments may be subject to a service fee that will be determined by Biz4Less.com. Biz4Less may utilize a third party collection service for recovery services on fraudulent and retracted payment transactions and may report to related credit card or a debit card agencies as necessary.

You agree and understand that a credit card or a debit card subscriptions and memberships may get cancelled automatically due to lack of funds in account or due to the fact that your credit card or a debit card expired or for any other reason why your bank may decide not to approve the subscription transaction. If the credit card or a debit card is approaching the expiration date, you agree that it is your responsibility to update your subscription in a timely manner and with the new expiration date or Biz4Less may cancel your membership and remove your subscription and ad listings without any notice if Biz4Less.com is unable to bill you for your membership transaction.

Last updated: August 7, 2018

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